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ZMB: Zambia Risk Profile - Floods & Droughts (2019)
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The 2019 revision includes:

- Better link to the Sendai Indicators;
- Homogenisation of hypotheses and fine tuning as designed during the development of the 16 risk profiles (e.g. scenarios
hazard maps interpolation parameters, pluvial flooding hazard assumptions);
- Homogenisation of Layers (e.g. update of the roads classification and values on the basis of the workshops feedbacks);
- Use of new available regional data that were not available during the first i...

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africa , zambia
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Africa , Zambia
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Africa Disaster Risk Profiles are co-financed by the EU-funded ACP-EU Natural Disaster Risk Reduction Program and the ACP-EU Africa Disaster Risk Financing Program, managed by UNISDR. The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of CIMA Research Foundation and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union or UNISDR. Products elaborated in this report are realized to the best of our ability, optimising the publicly available data and information. All geographic information has limitations due to scale, resolution, date and interpretation of the original sources.
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